I am delighted to welcome you and your child to Calderside Academy in this challenging and exciting time for education. The aspirations and values of our school are:


  • To provide an inclusive and enterprising curriculum which gives breadth, balance, depth, personalisation, choice and quality experiences to all of our pupils.
  •  To maximise the attainment and achievement of all of our pupils in preparation for responsible citizenship in the wider world.
  • To provide quality teaching and learning experiences to maximise the learning capacity of all of our pupils through responding to their learning needs, and giving them opportunities to share responsibility for their own learning and thus become skilled and confident learners.
  • To promote and maintain a positive school ethos in which all staff, pupils and parents work together to maximise the quality of education for our pupils and the enjoyment they derive from this experience whilst ensuring fairness and mutual respect.
  • To provide quality support systems for the care and welfare of all of our pupils and staff through:
    • effective and caring support for all pupils
    • utilisation of our Promoting Positive Behaviour Support strategies
    • focused and sensitive Support for Learning provision within all areas and subjects across the school
    • effective staff welfare and support.
  •  To make efficient and effective use of all resources available to us to ensure maximum impact on the learning and teaching within the school.
  • To work together to manage our school effectively, sensitively, professionally and with insight.

We are looking forward to working with you in partnership to ensure that you and your child’s experience of secondary education is challenging, successful and enjoyable. Our school motto is ‘Take Pride in Calderside’. We hope that you will also be proud to be an integral part of our school community.

Calderside Academy is one of 17 secondary schools throughout South Lanarkshire Council which is the fifth largest authority in Scotland. It covers the following main areas; Clydesdale in the south which features extensive rural areas, Cambuslang, Rutherglen, Blantyre and Uddingston to the north as well as the towns of East Kilbride and Hamilton. The Council’s Plan Connect sets out the Council’s vision which is, “to improve the quality of life for all within South Lanarkshire”. For Education Resources this means delivering services of the highest quality as well as striving to narrow the gap. It is about continually improving the services for everyone at the same time as giving priority to children, young people, families and communities in most need. The priorities for schools and services are set out in the Education Resources Plan which confirms the commitment to provide better learning opportunities and outcomes for children and young people.

It is hoped that with your support and the support of other parents that the school can work together in creating an environment where children can be successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.