Mentors in Violence Prevention Programme

Information for Parents and Carers

The Mentors in Violence Prevention Programme (MVP) is a Scottish Government initiative led by Education Scotland and Police Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit.  We have been successfully running the programme for six years in Calderside Academy.  This leaflet sets out the purpose of the programme and provides information to parents and carers about how it is implemented in our school. 

MVP Vision and Aims

The vision of the MVP Programme is to create safer communities built upon positive relationships where every young person flourishes, achieves and leads.  At a school level, the programme strives to be a key contributory factor in creating a safe and supportive learning environment by challenging bullying and abusive behaviour, building relationships and creating partnerships.

The MVP Model

The MVP Programme provides schools with an excellent educational tool to discuss the challenges that young people face, often as a result of the impact of media and social media culture.  The MVP Programme was developed in the United States by educator Dr Jackson Katz.  It uses a creative bystander approach to help prevent bullying, violence, in particular gender-based violence, and unwelcome behaviour.  The MVP model helps to equip pupils with the confidence, skills and strategies to become empowered bystanders with the ability to support friends and peers, but also to challenge intrusive, unwelcome or unhelpful behaviour. 

Peer-led Learning

The MVP Programme is delivered by peers, ie fellow pupils.  In Calderside Academy, we have a structured, supported and effective programme of delivery.  Each S1 and S2 class is assigned a Mentor Team of three to five S5 or S6 pupils (S1 classes are assigned a Mentor Team from S5 and that team stays with them throughout their S1 and S2).  The Mentor Teams participate in a two-day MVP Training Programme, as well as taking part in four hours of preparation.  Each Mentor Team is assigned a link tutor
(member of staff from Calderside Academy) who will support and liaise with the Mentor Team over the course of the delivery of the MVP Programme.  Once fully trained, the Mentor Teams deliver six sessions (lessons) in S1 and six sessions in S2.  The themes of these sessions include: name-calling, online abusive behaviour, isolation, spreading rumours, domestic abuse, controlling behaviour, unhealthy relationships, sexting, the use of inappropriate language, alcohol and consent and homophobic and transgender bullying.


The MVP Programme is not only a violence reduction programme, it is also a leadership programme.  It enables S5 and S6 MVP Mentors to develop their leadership skills by taking part in the training programme then by delivering lessons to S1 and S2 classes.  The senior pupils forge effective relationships with these pupils and serve as role models to them.  The programme also serves to enhance the leadership skills of the S1 and S2 pupils, who are empowered to take a lead role in the school and to make the transition from being a passive bystander to an active bystander, ie someone who is prepared to identify unwelcome behaviour and act in a safe manner to help put an end to that behaviour (this could be, for example, by informing their MVP Mentor or a teacher).


The MVP programme is also a Wellbeing Initiative as it helps to create safer environments and helps empower pupils to identify situations with which they are uncomfortable then to do something to resolve the difficulty.  Safer learning environments have a positive impact on mental wellbeing; healthy mental wellbeing is one of the key factors that are conducive to an enhanced learning environment.



The MVP Programme continues to have a positive impact on the ethos and culture of Calderside Academy, as well as providing excellent opportunities for all of our pupils.  Should you wish to find out more about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Scott Gilkison

Depute Headteacher