EMA If you choose to stay on at school for S5 and/or S6 you may be entitled to an Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA). This is a weekly allowance of £30 for students who are aged 16 before 30 September. It provides financial support to help young people from low income households continue their education. EMA is means tested whereby the household income is taken into account to decide if a young person qualifies for the payments.

EMA is paid on a 2 weekly basis in arrears. SLCs website provides details each session of payment dates.

To qualify, you must attend classes regularly and sign an EMA Learning Agreement with the school. This sets out what's expected of you in terms of attendance, general conduct, completion of course work and progress with learning.

The link to apply can be found on your child’s S5 and S6 google classroom.

For more information pupils can ask their school Pupil Support teacher or follow the link below which will take you to the appropriate page on SLC’s website:

South Lanarkshire - EMA