School Uniform

Here in Calderside Academy we support the wishes of many parents/carers by encouraging all pupils to wear a school uniform.

The wearing of a school uniform helps promote the identity of the school in the local community and helps create an ethos of sharing and pride in our school.

In addition, it helps towards increasing the protection of all pupils in light of the need to be more security-conscious. It also helps staff and the pupils to distinguish between those who belong to the school and those who are visitors thus creating a safer environment for pupils and teachers alike.

Equality of opportunity is an important aspect of the life of a school and any proposals on the wearing of a uniform remain the subject of consultation with parents, pupils and staff. We are very proud in Calderside that our own pupils chose the design and colours of our uniform.

Uniform crest

There are forms of dress which are unacceptable in all of South Lanarkshire schools such as:

  • The wearing of football colours.
  • Clothing with slogans that may cause offence. 
  • Clothing which advertises or promotes alcohol, tobacco, drugs or pornography.
  • Clothing which can be deemed unsuitable, in terms of Health and Safety grounds, such as clothes made from highly inflammable material, combat-style clothing, dangling earrings or loose fitting clothes particularly in practical classes.
  • Clothing which could inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so.
  • Footwear that may damage flooring.

We promote the wearing of a school blazer or plain black jacket as part of the school uniform.


School Uniform 2

In addition pupils should dress according to the following requirements:

  • White shirt or blouse (not a polo shirt).
  • School tie (junior S1-S4 or senior S5-S6).
  • Optional –  black school sweatshirt with badge, plain black v-neck jumper or plain black v-neck cardigan, tank top or plain black hooded cardigan.
  • Plain black full length trousers (not combats or jeans) or a black skirt (of appropriate length). No shorts or leggings.
  • Suitable plain black footwear. 
  • School blazer.

The following items of clothing are not part of our agreed school dress code and therefore should NOT be worn in school:

  • Jeans (of any colour).
  • Tracksuit trousers.
  • Tracksuit jackets.
  • Any tops that are not PLAIN black.
  • Hooded tops that do not allow a shirt and tie to be seen clearly.
  • White trainers or other non-black footwear.
  • 2 (or more) fingered rings, large hooped earrings, large jewellery.
  • All outdoor jackets should be removed in class.
  • All hats, scarves and gloves should be removed when entering the school building.

 School Uniform 3