Health Care

Administration of Medicines

Any pupil who has a serious medical condition is requested to complete a health care plan form giving their details. Those pupils who require an emergency medical protocol will have an emergency medical plan provided as soon as information is received from parents/carers.

Packs of emergency medical plans are in every Faculty Base throughout the school and in a variety of other useful places such as the School Office, First Aid Room, Deputes’ offices and Pupil Support Base. The packs are easily identifiable; the front cover has a traditional First Aid red cross sign on it. Staff know where to locate this information in case an emergency arises and they familiarise themselves with pupils who have an emergency medical plan.

Staff contact the school office immediately if a pupil becomes seriously unwell. The office will contact the appropriate DHT to assist, phone parents, administer medicine if appropriate (i.e if this strategy is set out in the emergency medical plan). 

Any pupil who stores or carries medicine in school such as an inhaler, epipen or regular medicine, should have completed a ‘Medicines in School’ form. 

Pupils can access their medication via the school office. A log of medicines administered is kept in the room where medicines are stored.

Medicines cannot be administered in school until the correct paperwork has been completed.

Regular epipen training is provided for staff. If you have any health queries regarding your child please contact the Depute responsible for Health Care Plans (Mrs Lockhart) via the school office.