Behaviour Management

Behaviour Mentoring Programme

The Behaviour Mentoring Programme has been running for several years in Calderside Academy and this has proven to be a very valuable initiative.

This programme is aimed at pupils in S1/S2 who, for a variety of reasons, are experiencing difficulties as regards their behaviour within the classroom. This programme is purely supportive and involves identified pupils meeting with their Mentor (volunteer member of our teaching staff) for approximately 20 minutes each week. During these sessions Mentors will, in the first instance, endeavour to establish a positive relationship with their mentee and subsequently offer support and guidance in a hope that ongoing behaviour issues become less prevalent.

We are firmly of the opinion that positive behaviour and all that it promotes is a consequence of the development of a positive relationship, and as such this initiative provides an opportunity for our more disengaged pupils to benefit significantly. There is seldom an opportunity for our young people to reflect on their own behaviour, a valuable practice for us all, and to be guided/supported in trying to develop skills and strategies aimed at improving their ability to manage their own behaviour and emotions. Our most challenging young people are, in many ways, the most vulnerable and demonstrate very poor self-confidence and self-esteem. This initiative could, as a consequence of feeling valued and listened to, impact greatly on their feeling of self-worth.

We are very hopeful that this initiative proves to be successful in relation to the aims stated above and that all involved find it a valuable learning experience.

  • Behaviour Mentoring Information For Mentors
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