South Lanarkshire Council has a policy of providing school transport to Secondary pupils who reside more than two miles from their catchment school by the recognised shortest safest walking route. 

This policy is more generous than the law requires. This means that the provision of transport could be reviewed at any time.  Parents who consider they are eligible should obtain an application form from the school or Education Resources, Hamilton, telephone 03031231023 or web  

These forms should be completed and returned before the end of March for those pupils starting the school in August to enable the appropriate arrangements to be made.  Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be considered by Education Resources.

A paid privilege transport scheme is operated for mainstream school contracts where a pupil is not entitled to free school transport.  Privilege transport will only be granted providing there is spare capacity on an existing school contract and will be from and to designated pick up and drop off points.  Privilege transport will not be provided where a service bus is used on the school run.  Any spare capacity will be allocated using agreed priorities.  For more information on school transport contact Education Resources telephone 03031231023.

Pick-up points

Where school transport is provided it may be necessary for pupils to walk a certain distance to the vehicle pick-up point.  Walking distance in total, including the distance from home to the pick-up point and from the drop-off point to the school in any one direction, will not exceed the authority’s distance limit for school transport.

It should be noted that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child behaves in a safe and acceptable manner while travelling in and alighting from the vehicle.  Misbehaviour can result in your child losing the right to school transport.

Parents are asked to note that South Lanarkshire Council does not provide transport for those pupils who attend school via a placing request.  

Approximately 520 Calderside Academy pupils live beyond the 2-mile radius and are eligible for free transport to school.  Dedicated buses run for these pupils from designated areas in Hamilton to facilitate access to school.  

Those pupils who live in the area beyond the East Kilbride Expressway but are within 2 miles walking distance are encouraged to walk to school using the route designated by South Lanarkshire Council.  

Issues with transport

Calderside Academy works closely with our transport partners to ensure a smooth running service. From time to time there can be issues. If you experience an issue contact Mr Monaghan ( so that concerns can be passed on. 

To monitor any issues on the bus we have a short survey. We plan to use this to track changes over time to ensure a high level of service.

Please follow the link to the survey below.

These pupils are also encouraged to develop safe travelling practices, including:

  • Walking in groups – using the ‘walking bus’ notion – for added safety.
  • Wearing luminescent or brightly coloured clothing for better visibility.
  • Sticking to the recognised approved safe routes and using road safety facilities such as puffin crossings and school crossing patrols.
  • Cycling to school by a designated route.
  • At the start (8.50 am) and end of the school day (3.50 pm and 3.00 pm) there will be added pressure on the road infrastructure in the surrounding area.  As a result, it is hoped that parents actively encourage and promote methods of sustainable transport to school.  In PSE classes, pupils are reminded of the ecological damage caused by unnecessary car journeys and are encouraged to consider more sustainable forms of transport.  
  • The options of ‘Park & Stride’, where parents drop their children off and collect them in a safe area, perhaps around 500 metres from the school, should be considered.
  • All pupils who are eligible for free bus travel are encouraged to take up the option.
  • Staff are actively encouraged to use alternative methods of travel rather than come by car.  The school is well served by bus and train.  In addition, staff are encouraged to car-share.
  • Pupils who live on the north side of Glasgow Road must continue to be encouraged to use the school crossing patrols and traffic light crossings on Glasgow Road.  The increased traffic flow, due to school buses coming from the South Hamilton area further advocates the use of traffic light crossings/school crossing patrols in the area east of the school.  Traffic lights are provided for the safe crossing of the pupils.  This service should be used by pupils at all times.  Pupils should not attempt to cross the road themselves.
  • The use of cars by S6 pupils is discouraged due to limited parking. The staff and Nursery Car Parks should not be used for pupil parking.
  • Pupils will have to carry school bags with books and jotters to and from home each day.  This might prove to be problematic for those who are walking or cycling.  
  • The police and road safety team have highlighted the vital importance of Road Safety in Primary school and the good habits should continue into Secondary.
  • Pupils are not permitted to leave the school campus at morning interval.  The school canteen and vending machines in the “Street” area are provided for pupils.
  • The road outside the school is busy and great care requires to be taken when crossing.
  • It should also be remembered that staff and visitor cars are arriving and leaving the school at all times.  Pupils should take particular care in watching for this traffic.
  • Pupils should not be seen anywhere near staff/visitor cars.
  • Pupils should always behave in a responsible manner and also protect the positive reputation of the school in the local community.