Relaxation of Covid Restrictions

Dear Parent/Carer

Relaxation of Covid-19 Mitigations

As you will be aware the Scottish Government have announced relaxation of the current mitigations for Covid-19 in secondary schools. In response to these changes, as of Monday 28 February 2022, Calderside Academy will revert to the following:

  • Pupils and staff will no longer require to wear masks in classrooms and teaching areas. Individual pupils and staff members can wear masks if they wish to do so in these areas.
  • Masks must still be worn in corridors and in other public areas of the school including toilets, changing rooms in PE and in the Street Area at interval and lunchtime. A supply of masks will still be available daily in the Street Area and from the Pupil Support Office.
  • ·PE changing rooms will be open for use, so pupils should now carry their PE kit on days when they have PE on their timetable.
  • Since PE changing rooms are open, all pupils will now be able to attend school in full uniform every day. I have attached details from the school handbook regarding school uniform as a reminder of our expectations in terms of what should be worn.
  • Year group, House group and special themed assemblies will return.
  • We will continue to make a conscious effort to ensure physical distancing when in large groups and continue with hand and desk sanitisation regimes.

As part of our mitigations we will continue with the split lunchtimes for the time being. This will be reviewed at a later date.

This has been a challenging time for everyone and as we move into what we hope will be the final phase of this pandemic, I thank you for your support so far and for your anticipated support in implementing the above.


Skayne Dodds

Head Teacher


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