exam timetable april may 2024.pdf


Exam Timetable 2024


- The school is operating on a normal basis for classes in S1-S4.

- Candidates should arrive punctually at all exams, having obtained the correct location and seat number for their exam.

- Examinations are all supervised by invigilators, their requests are to be responded to at all times.

- Mobile phones or any other digital equipment will not be permitted access.

- The only liquid refreshment allowed in the exam area is bottled water.

- Eating will not be permitted in exam areas.

- For exams which require a calculator or similar equipment it is the candidates' responsibility to bring this with them to the exam.

- Exam scripts are to be completed in blue or black ink unless otherwise specified.

- On completion of a paper candidates should either leave the premises to report to the designated study area or leave the school quietly. 

- Where there is a break between papers candidates should wait quietly in the 'Street' area.

- When coming to and from an exam please be courteous to those pupils in S1-S4 who are continuing with a 'normal'  timetable.


exam timetable april may 2024.pdf