National Progression Awards

Scottish Studies



In the Humanities Faculty, S5/6 pupils are offered two Level 5 NPAs - Scottish Studies and Criminology. 


Scottish Studies Level 5 

The overall aim of this Award is to provide recognition for learners who have chosen to broaden their knowledge of Scotland across the curriculum. Learners also have the opportunity to develop, with minimum support, skills which are important for successful independent learning. The Scotland in Focus course aims is to allow learners to broaden their knowledge of Scotland in terms of its people, languages, society, culture, natural and built environment, and/or heritage. The Scottish Studies Geography Course develops a range of geographical skills and techniques. Learners gain a detailed understanding of the ways in which physical features, such as waterfalls, are made in the environment. The Scottish Studies Drama course aims to provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding to create and present drama through the use of drama skills. The Scottish Studies History Course takes the opportunity to develop the knowledge and understanding of Scottish culture and heritage by looking at the lives of famous Scots in the past. We also look at the Stuart Monarchy and how the Vikings changed Scotland. Units Geography: Physical Environments with a Scottish Context Drama: Skills with a Scottish Context Historical Study: Scottish Scotland in Focus.



Criminology is the scientific study of crime, including its causes, responses by the criminal justice system, and methods of prevention. In both the mandatory and optional units, leaners will study the nature and extent of crime, crime in the community, forensic science and crime control strategies. The Criminology NPA course consists of three units.

1. Social Issues in the United Kingdom (Crime and the Law)

2. Crime in the Community

3. Crime Scenes