Welcome to the Science Department

Science Faculty Staff 

Biology Chemistry Physics
Mrs E. Juskowiak (FH) Dr K. Devenport Miss J. Bremner
Mr V. Cheung Mrs S. Kennedy Mr L. Charnley
Mrs J. Dickens Miss P. McCaig (DHT) Ms L. Painter
Mr R. Lambert Dr V. Pearson Mr J. Monaghan (DHT)
Mr A Wilson (PT PS 0.6) Mrs G. Staunton
Ms K. Wilson (PT PS)

Ms R. Bhalla (Area cover)

Miss D. Gamble (NQT)

 Science Technicians

Christine Tennent
Bob Beveridge

S1 - S2

Science in S1 & S2

Students experience a board science course in S1 and S2 focusing on the themes of Materials, Biological Systems, Forces, Electricity, Waves and Planet Earth.

The S1 and S2 Science course is focused on practical activities which are engaging and designed to provide breadth and depth in learning key scientific concepts. The course is split into Topics across two years allowing students the opportunity to fully experience and appreciate the three science disciplines.

Scientific literacy and numeracy are progressively developed throughout the course allowing students to progress to discrete science subjects in S3.

Senior Phase

Laboratory Skills – National 5


This course aims to give you a broad introduction to laboratory science. 

Knowledge of the following will be developed:

  • scientific industries and services
  • career opportunities locally, nationally, and globally
  • basic practical skills
  • health and safety requirements when working in a lab environment
  • skills in microbiology, measuring radioactivity, chemical handling and laboratory instrumentation 

Progression into this Course

Entrance to this course is at the discretion of the centre.  Learners would normally be expected to have attained the skills and knowledge required by the following:

Biology, Chemistry or Physics National 4 

Learners would also find it beneficial to have achieved National 4 Maths.

Progression from this course/Careers

This Course or its Units may provide progression to National 5 science courses, further study, employment or training.


To be awarded the course certificate pupils must pass the four course units:

Careers in Laboratory Science

Working in a Laboratory 

Practical Skills

Practical Investigation

These are internally assessed. 

Extra Curricular

S1 Science Club runs one lunchtime a week with Mrs Dickens. Ask any Science teacher for more information or look for the Science Club noticeboard in C wing.