Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department

Sports and Physical activity are a vital part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through participating in PE at Calderside Academy, we hope you will become more confident in your own abilities whilst improving your fitness. 

Resilience and the ability to work in a team are two vital skills required in learning a new skill and developing these in a PE setting will allow you to transfer these into your other subjects. 

100% Participation Policy

In order to allow you to make progress in PE, please make sure you bring your PE kit for every lesson. If you are injured or unwell but able to be in school, your teacher will give you an adapted role and this will allow you to take part in the lesson with the rest of your class. 

S1 - S3

Curriculum for Excellence Physical Education

Course Description

Throughout PE in S1-3, pupils experience a wide variety of activities including Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Dance, Rugby, Football, Hockey and Social Dance.

Participation in these activities allows pupils to gain an understanding of the rules and how to play but also will be develop fitness and skills relating to this activity as well as how to work within a team in their class. We track progress and how to improve performance in PE through the Significant Aspects of Learning.

These are;

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Physical Competencies
  • Personal Qualities
  • Physical Fitness.

Senior Phase

National 4 and 5 Physical Education

National courses in S4 focus on improving performance across a number of activities. Pupils will be presented at National 4 or National 5. 

National 4

One off Performance

Factors Impacting on Performance (Pass/Fail)

National 5

One off Performance 1 30 marks
(internal assessment)
One Off Performance 2 30 marks
(internal assessment)

60 marks (Submitted to SQA)

Preparation for One-Off Performances takes place throughout the year and focusses on improving skill level, control and fluency, decision making and teamwork across a number of activities. Pupils will then identify 2 activities to perform at our One Off Performance days and receive a mark which will be submitted to SQA.

The portfolio is based around 1 activity and through participation in class and reflection upon their own performances, pupils will identify an aspect of performance to develop. A training programme is then created which aims to improve weaknesses and pupils monitor this progress using the cycle of analysis. 


The Higher course is divided into 3 parts:

One Off  performance – 2 x 30 marks (60% – includes identifying challenges (planning) and evaluation)

Final examination – 2hrs 30 minutes (40% – covers all Factors impacting on performance)

Internal assessment – Factors Impacting on performance.

We offer a wide range of activities to develop skills and decision making. Participation in practical is vital as it adds to understanding of the theoretical aspects of the course. 

In addition to performing in a One Off Performance, students must also meet Higher standard in an additional 2 activities.

Sports Leaders

SCQF Level 5 Award in Community Sports Leader Award

The qualification teaches leadership skills such as:

  • organisation
  • planning
  • communication
  • teamwork

In addition to delivering coaching sessions to your peers within the class, participation in this course also involves delivering PE sessions at either Auchinraith or High Blantyre Primary School. 

Core PE

Pupils can choose PE within one of their private study periods. This is a recreational period in which a wide variety of activities are on offer. Pupils must ensure they bring PE kit for every lesson if they are opting into PE at this stage. 

Extra Curricular

There are a wide variety of lunchtime clubs on offer in the PE department. Many of these are organised by our Sports Leaders and Sports Coach Academy Leaders. 

Come and ask at the PE base if you need more information!