Improving Spelling in S1 at Home

At Calderside Academy, we believe that knowing your spelling strategies and applying these to unfamiliar and new words can improve your literacy skills.
Writing is an important feature of secondary school and it is important that your child is equipped with the tools to improve their spelling independently.
With your child, download the document below: ‘Spelling Stages’. Read through the document and help your child pick the level they think they are at for spelling in S1. Try to pick the Goldilocks level – not too hard but not too easy, just right!
A few nights a week, spend around 20 minutes working through the word list and applying the READ-COVER-WRITE-CHECK strategy to memorise trickier words. Your child might also use some of the strategies they have learned with their S1 English teacher.
Once you child has mastered a level/stage, they can move up to the next one.
If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch with the Faculty of English through the school office.