Home Economics

Welcome to the Home Economics Department. 

Being able to make informed choices about food for a healthy and balanced diet is crucial for all to learn.

Our staff aim to deliver engaging and interactive lessons for all pupils developing a knowledge of food and skills in both practical cookery and textiles. Our department consists of 3 kitchen and 2 textile rooms. 

During S1-S3 our Broad General Education courses are preparing pupils for progression into Senior Phase and the National and Higher courses offered. 

Home Economics Department Staff; 

  • Mrs A Dunsmore (0.6)
  • Miss H Dunn 
  • Miss F Smith 

S1 - S3

S1 Home Economics

During S1 pupils work on rotation in Home Economics (HE) enabling them to learn about food as well as textiles. The HE team develop the pupils’ knowledge of textiles as well as food technology, nutrition and health and safety.  

In food lessons, pupils enjoy making a variety of dishes, developing their cookery skills and techniques through using different pieces of equipment and cookery processes. During the course all pupils take part in an enterprise challenge, where they are able to design and make their own cupcakes.

In textiles pupils make their own apron developing skills in hand and machine sewing in order to complete this. They are able to add a small design to the pocket enabling them to create a one of a kind article. 

S2 Home Economics

In S2 pupils continue to develop on the skills and knowledge gained the previous year in S1. Pupils will still work on rotation of fabric and food lessons. 

During food lessons pupils are able to consolidate their prior learning and current skills as well as developing a range of new skills. Building upon the knowledge gained in S1 pupils will learn about current dietary advice, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as food hygiene and safety in the kitchen. 

Also in S2, pupils have the opportunity to learn about food from different counties and their eating cultures in the unit Foods Around the World. 

In textiles pupils are able to refresh their current skills as well as developing new ones. They are given a design and make challenge in which they are to design their own cushion. This gives the pupils a chance to show their creative side as the design has to be completely of their own making. 

S3 Hospitality

Hospitality is the course offered in S3 and the main purpose is to develop learners’ practical cookery skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of using ingredients. 

During the course pupils will become familiar with a wide range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes.

As well they will gain knowledge in the following areas; 

  • an understanding of ingredients from a variety of different sources and an insight into their uses and responsible sourcing and sustainability. 
  • understand the impact of the choice of ingredients on health and wellbeing
  • how to plan and produce meals and present them appropriately
  • develop understanding of the importance of food safety and hygiene and work safely and hygienically.

Senior Phase

National 4/5- Hospitality 

This practical based course aims to develop pupils’ life skills and enables them to develop their practical cookery skills and techniques. This course would suit anyone interested in a career in the hospitality industry or food industry. Also suitable for anyone who simply enjoys practical cookery and wishes to take their skills further. 

The course covers 3 internal units; 

  • Cookery Skills: Techniques and processes 
  • Understanding and Using Ingredients
  • Organisational skills for Cooking

To gain award for National 4 all outcomes for the units must be met and a pass for the final assessment: 

Practical assessment – 2 course set meal of either a starter and  main course or a main course and a dessert to be made in one and a half hours.

To gain award for National 5 the student must pass all internal unit assessments in the course and achieve a pass in the practical assessment; 

Practical assignment – completion of planning paper 1 hour 45 mins (18 marks), 3 set dishes by SQA in two and half hours (82 marks) and Question Paper -1 hour (25 marks)

Extra Curricular

Supported study is offered for Hospitality on Wednesdays in the run up to SQA exams (March- April).

Home Economics Notes