S6 School Prefects @ Calderside Academy

All our S6 students are eligible to apply for the post of school Prefect. Application forms will be issued on the first day of the pupil school year in August at an S6 pupil assembly.

Application forms need to be completed and returned to Mrs Osprey S5 / 6 Depute Head Teacher. All applicants will then have a short interview/discussion with their Principal Teacher of Pupil Support to ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities as a Prefect. The Pupil Support staff will then make their recommendations with regards to pupil suitability.

Our Prefects' responsibilities and duties are:

S6 students in their final year of school are preparing for either the world of work, Further Education or Higher Education. One important aspect of preparation for life 'post school' is one that involves our young adults taking responsibility within their community.

The responsibility element of being a Calderside Academy Prefect is a vital component that will stand our pupils in very good stead for their future life and career plan.

House Captains

House Captains will also be chosen from our group of school Prefects.
House Captains will assist with specific House duties (e.g. sports days, house competitions and events etc.) and they will work very closely with the Pupil Support staff in their respective house groups i.e. Arran, Lewis, Mull or Skye houses. This is a chance for our senior pupils to help make our school a place where all pupils feel safe and valued.

House Captains 2014 - 2015