English Standard Grade

English Standard Grade

Below is a selection of revision materials and some examples of pupils' work.

Examples of pupils' work

Work Experience

One S4 pupil's reflections on her first foray into the world of work.

Exam Preparation

A selection of texts to help with Exam Preparation

Personal Reading:

Below is a selection of materials that are used to deliver the Standard Grade course.

Welcome to Standard Grade English

A selection of paired activities to introduce pupils to the Standard Grade English Course.

Standard Grade English Introduction

An explanation of the Standard Grade English Course

Exemplar (pdf)   Template (Word)

Personal Study Task for Easter:

The Book Maze

An interactive guide to choosing a Personal Study text

Personal Essay Writing

A selection of Personal Writing tasks. These could be used for exam preparation or the basis of a folio piece.

Punctuation Marks:

A handy guide to punctuation. This is essential for Close Reading revision.

Close Reading Points of Interest

A checklist of all you should know for your Close Reading exams

Introduction to Poetry

An introduction to Poetry at Standard Grade

Writing About Poetry

A series of Power Points which, through use of the poem 'Stealing' by Carol Ann Duffy, aim to develop pupils' Critical Essay skills.

Discursive Writing Unit

A unit of work where pupils consider social issues relating to Neds and youth crime. Pupils are encouraged to consider media representations of young people and possible solutions to anti-social behaviour.

'Glasgow 5 March' Poetry Unit

A unit on Edwin Morgan's 'Glasgow 5 March', which introduces pupils to key poetic techniques and asks them to consider the serious social and moral issues raised by Morgan.